Bold. Authentic. Committed. Free. We are whitehorse.


whitehorse is a “next-gen athleisure” brand born to break the limiting beliefs humanity has formed around intentional movement.


Based on recent statistics we see that people, especially in Western countries, are moving less than in the past. We are moving into a world where people are divided into athletes and non-athletes.

Movement is a human definition. It is not something we do but something we are. If you move you are alive and if you don't move you are dead. Physically, mentally and spiritually. This is where Whitehorse comes in with a unique vision to redefine the way people think and act about movement in all areas of their lives, for a healthier and more active lifestyle that contributes to success.

The movement

Fall down, get back up, shake it off.

Each one of us is on our own unique journey, moving from moment to moment. Our destinations may look different but each of us desires to feel supported, celebrated, and seen for who we are. 
Whitehorse was born with the sole purpose of bringing awareness to the importance of incorporating intentional movement into your lifestyle; movement is at the core of what it means to be alive. Each step is just as important as the next.

Life is a motion, so #keepmovingforward


Life is defined by movement.

You deserve to move with ease. Free from the constraints of the apparel you wear. Our apparel adapts to your lifestyle. To your daily movement. Be it intentional, casual, or hard training. 

Driven by the latest innovation in textiles and technology, our stylish apparel is versatile and comfortable. Each piece of Whitehorse apparel is designed to enhance your performance. So you can move without limits. Every step of your journey. 

our vision

Purposeful movement

We believe in creating a world where everyone integrates purposeful movement into their lifestyle.

our mission

On a mission to move you.

We design innovative luxurious athleisure that moves you further on your journey no matter where you’re headed. Each collection features high-quality closet staples made of premium, innovative fabrics, that are tough enough to handle every type of movement.  

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